The Chilean Lake District is blends Swiss-like Andean mountain scenery, with the primeval rainforests of British Columbian, great fjords of Norway, sprinkled with perfect snow-capped volcanoes, endless blue lakes and rushing rivers.  
The area was colonized about 100 years ago by Germans, seeking new opportunities in the “New World”.  This influence is still felt in the architecture, language, food and tidy organization of the many small farms. Here you can explore a scenic pastoral paradise with superb food, intact European cultures, and a great diversity of natural environments, beautiful lakes all in their original conditions.

In four activity packed days, we provide a full Lake District experience. We stay in the tiny, quaint lakeside town of Puerto Varas with a marvellous view on the active Osorno volcano. From there you will explore the maritime commerce and fishing markets of Puerto Montt and its surroundings. The next days you’ll visit The Alerces (type of Red Wood) National Park getting an introduction to the Southern Temperate rainforests of Chile with its ever green beaches and cinnamon trees.

You’ll eat all natural produce from century old German farming traditions and visited isolated towns European style towns where German language and custom are still alive, you’ll navigate beautiful lakes and visit the mystic Chiloe Island, one of the last Spanish strongholds in Latin America.

Parga is a unique eco – luxury resort without parallel in South America. Over 8000 acres of Austral rainforest and over 6 miles of wild coastline. Each guesthouse was lovingly constructed of local materials, incorporating the best of local traditions, craftsmanship and aesthetics, with the luxury of ever modern amenity.
The program is entirely all inclusive, focused on creating an interaction with passengers and nature, whether that be walking, horseback riding, boating, kayaking, heli-fishing.  With a 4 to 1 staff to client ratio, and an entirely self supporting ecological and culinary infrastructure, Parga is an overwhelming infrastructure in a divinely pristine environment.