Nearly half of Chileans live in the capital Santiago, Viña del Mar, and Valparaiso along the Pacific coastline. South of Santiago lays the fertile verdant Central Valley, Chile’s agricultural center. The Chilean heartland with its mild climate, wine yards, beaches, and history is a good place to relax and get to know Chile from its roots.
Santiago is a bustling, thriving, modern, energetic booming city of some six million inhabitants. Downtown Santiago is the city’s historic, architecturally rich, vibrant heart. Atop San Cristobal Hill at the edge of city center, you can pay your respects to Santiago’s protective Virgin while gazing over the city to the backdrop of snow and glacier capped Andes. Going to the down town square you will be able to visit the Presidential Palace and the spectacular barrio Concha y Toro, the inheritance of Chile’s “Belle Époque”.

An hour and half to the west are the sister cities of Viña del Mar and Valparaiso. Viña is Chile’s classical Riviera, with a beachfront casino, boardwalks, shopping, luxury hotels, restaurants, and a lively summer trade in traditional seaside touring. 


A few kilometers away, Valparaiso spreads its enchanting, disheveled sprawl over some 45 hills, ringing its historical harbor. Home to Pablo Neruda, Chile’s Nobel Prize winning poet, Valparaiso is now a UNESCO heritage site, preserved through diligent care and resembles a poetic San Francisco circa 1923. Fourteen cable pulled funiculars (a train/elevator/cable car) are still in daily use.  History lurks in every corner here, between open air art museums, dilapidated shacks, gloriously grand mansions, lovely views, and an endless labyrinthine of stairs and impossibly twisting streets.

For those with little time, we offer you this full-day tour of Santiago and an introduction to Chilean wines combined with a comfortable overnight. We will escort you all around Chile's capital and the surrounding area, while getting a taste of the historical city and some of its best wines.


You will start with guided walking tour visiting the Plaza de Armas, Cathedral, Palacio Moneda (center of the government), the Mercado Central (Central Market), and the most historic neighborhood, Concha y Toro. In the afternoon you’ll get a taste and a tour of Chile’s wine industry visiting a lesser known boutique winery, such as Aquitania or Cousiño Macul. The day ends with a transfer back to your comfortable Chilean-owned 5-star hotel in the pleasant business district of Las Condes, ideal for strolling, exploring, dining.


This tour will thoroughly introduce you to the famous Chilean wines, not only visiting the "commercial wineries," but also the boutique wineries.



In four days you will visit a variety of hand picked vineyards throughout the central valley region. This is an active, fully packed trip visiting very different, yet universally high quality wineries: local owned, foreign funded, modern, ancient, traditional or avant garde. Your accommodations will always be in excellent boutique estate hotels, with charm and excellent cuisine, and of course with the leadership of a well- qualified guide.

This tour explores the heart of Chile while still staying all four nights are at the same hotel in the pleasant upscale business district of Las Condes in Santiago. 
On the first day of this tour you will explore the city of Santiago visiting different parts of the old town, which has the Plaza de Armas, the Cathedral, the presidential Palace, and the beautifully preserved Concha y Toro neighborhood. You will also have your first introduction to the Chilean cuisine.
On the second day you will head out to the coast for a visit to the historic port city of Valparaiso (UNESCO Heritage Site) built on many hills giving you the opportunity to truly explore and take a ride on one of the many public elevators used to bring you to the cities unique look-outs. Then just a ten minute drive away you will discover Viña del Mar, the city of flowers, and Chile’s most famous beach resort with many beautiful, long forgotten mansions.
On the third and last day you will be exploring the Central Valley visiting some delightful wineries according to your interest.