Chilean Special Journeys aims to give you the best experience according to your specific requirements. Most of our tours are tailor-made for our clients.


For your orientation we have composed at least one program for every region in Chile in order to give you an idea of the possibilities. These agendas are fully adaptable to your specific needs in time, accommodation and activity level. They can serve as the building blocks for your own customized Chile experience.


Of course Chile offers more attractions then we can offer you on this website. The 9000 km long country has different climate zones and many unexplored attractions with pristine nature. So if you’re looking for specific services or experiences we can offer unique tours like our specially developed Chilean In-Depth Tour, comprehensive Wine Tours, journeys to the Juan Fernandez Biosphere, to the Cape Horn Biosphere, to Antarctica, tours focused on wildlife observation (whale watching, bird watching etc.), academic interchanges, incentive travel, and more.