Scott Jones arrived to Chile via Maine, Finland and Alabama. Born in New Zealand, he grew up in rural Maine, attending Middlebury College (B.A) and the associated Centre for Northern Studies in Vermont. From here he ended up lecturing on small expedition cruise ship in the Arctic, and finally getting a M.Sc. (Geography, focusing on Polar Tourism) from Oulu University in Finland. Putting this practical, work and academic background to work for a US company based in Alabama, Scott helped develop a cruise in the fjords of Chilean Patagonia and the Straights of Magellan. He was hooked on the diversity and beauty of Chile. Moving to Chile became inevitable. Soon he had the opportunity to manage the North American market for Chile’s largest tourism company; a great opportunity for learning the ins and outs of Chile, its attractions, culture and tourism industry. In Nov 2004, he started his own small company with an experienced Chilean business partner. Since then he has focused on providing the most In-Depth tour of Chile available, along with custom trips for individuals and special interest groups and enjoying living in a lovely place!


Marcela Poblete was born in Santiago city and grew up in Chilean Patagonia attending the British School. She continued her studies in tourism and languages at the EDECTI Institute in Santiago where she worked as a tour guide as well. Currently, Marcela puts her three languages (English, Portuguese and Spanish) to work in Chilean Patagonia working with the main tourist operators in that Region as well as in Chilean's capital Santiago. With her three languages and her specialised in-depth knowledge of Patagonia, With more than 12 years experience in tourism, Marcela is able to provide superb guiding and unique Chilean experience to a diverse range of foreign visitors. Currently Marcela is in charge of both our English, Brazilian and Portuguese clients.







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