Our small, personable company is owned and operated by a team of Chilean, North American, and European specialists. With over 30 years experience in tourism, we combine North American organization, perspective and tour leaders with the knowledge and insight of a local host. We know and understand Chile and how to best share its limitless attractions and quality tourism infrastructure with visitors.in their native language. We offer you unique qualifications to prepare and operate specialized group and individual tours for you in Chile.
When you contact us you will be speaking to the owners and decision makers of the company, the people that actually build your tour from start to finish!
Over the years we have developed and led numerous trips in Chile and served in a consulting capacity for various Chilean and US based travel companies. Being based in Santiago, with a small office in the USA, allows us to keep current regarding all tourism related developments as well as enjoy Chile’s many lifestyle advantages! Our tour members, therefore, benefit from multi-cultural planning and perspective as well as years of our experience here.

Our services can generally be divided in two categories:

Individual Travelers: We offer unique tour packages specially designed for travellers that want to see Chile “on their own”. Therefore we provide a  variety of different options which can be found in the program section and can be adapted to each client's specific requierements. We always aim to deliver an exceptional travel experience in and around Chile.

Groups Travel: With our experience we are able to design an appropriate itinerary based on the dynamics of every specific group. We know that groups especially, need to be taken care of in a very personal way. Operating a successful group trip means using the services of a local operator who understands both the individual expectations of the client and the local logistics and organisation.  

We love Chile and feel our unique experience and perspective are reflected in our itineraries and operations. We openly invite comparison. Please visit the recommendations section to read more about other travelers experiences with Chilean Special Journeys.




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