Come experience our extreme northern deserts, indigenous cultures, lush wineries and agricultural districts of the central valley, bustling historical Santiago, UNESCO World heritage sites and Biosphere Reserves, endless beaches and resorts of the Chilean Riviera, mythical Chiloe Island, and the magnificence of the southern lakes district.
Travel to the end of the world exploring the stark beauty of Patagonia, the Straights of Magellan, Cape Horn and Antarctica. Enjoy the unspoiled Pacific coastline to the west, the snow capped Andes to the east, or the luxuriant climates and cultures of Easter Island, and of course, Chile’s renowned healthy cuisine.
Chile is safe, stable, happily democratic, and enjoys a first world infrastructure. Ecological diversity is unrivalled. Spanning 32 degrees of latitude, Chile encompasses everything from the world’s driest deserts to the vast ice fields and glaciers of Patagonia. In these incredibly varied habitats, live over four hundred fifty species of birds and animals as diverse as viscacha, huemul and pudu. Some of the planet’s oldest archaeology sites are here, carbon dated to 30,000 years ago.
More recently, five hundred years of European settlement created a mosaic of distinct cultural identities. Historic and natural attractions have earned special recognition from UNESCO. Foods and wines are world class at a fraction of the cost of North America or Europe.

Chile stretches some 2600 miles or 4184 km (top to bottom, approximately the width of the USA), and from the ridge of the Andes in the east, westward to the Pacific coast. NASA tested the Mars Rover in the hostile deserts of the north where in some places rain has never been recorded. Mummies about 5000 years older then those in Egypt still surface occasionally from sifting sands.
Spread over the central zone of the country is wonderfully fertile agricultural land whose many latitudes and separate valleys provide microclimates for nearly every type of produce imaginable: papaya, avocadoes, grapes, cherimoya and watermelon. Chile is the number one exporter of fruits and vegetables to the USA.
Endless unspoiled beaches are a constant throughout Chile. To the south, the Lake District resembles pastoral scenery of Switzerland, albeit with the snow capped volcanoes of Japan, redwood forests of British Columbia and California and the fjords of Norway. Half of the salmon sold in the USA comes from aquaculture based here.
Stretching straight south to the Strait of Magellan is Patagonia, a destination itself. This vast region of uninhabited mountains, ice fields, and wind swept steppes (pampas) is still inhabited by pumas and shepherds on horseback. More than 50% of this territory has some kind of protected status, National Park Torres del Paine being the most famous National Park.
The Andes finally submit, and submerge at the confluence of the Pacific and Atlantic, the legendary and appropriately dramatic Cape Horn, situated in the world's most southern Biosphere Reserve which carries the same name.
Chile is a bulwark of peace, prosperity and democracy in South America. The economy is well balanced and growing steadily. General economic indicators such as health care, infant mortality and literacy compare to other first world nations.
Your local bank’s debit card will work throughout the country, as will your laptop’s wireless Internet connection. Chile enjoys free trade agreements with the USA, parts of Europe, China and South Korea.
All these characteristics create a high quality of life for Chileans and will make your visit smooth and easy, yet unexpected and surprising. Prepare to enjoy a simply stunning variety of seafood, fresh vegetables, fruits, excellent red meats and, and of course, Chile’s always world class wine.
Chile - an amazing world: Safe! Scenic! Relaxing! Exciting! Friendly! Surprising!